Articles Archive for January 2013

26 Jan 2013

We have a Beaver Sleepover planned for Saturday 23rd March, Arrive at 2pm and finish at 11am on Sunday.
The sleepover is open to all groups in Uxbridge District and for full details, please contact Helen Ogilvie.

19 Jan 2013

It’s that time of year again and the Census for 2013 will be due shortly.
As required by POR, Groups will need to submit a Census Return on line and submit a list of adult and young member details, plus Executive Officers to the District. I know that the Census is not the best of activities to start the year, but unfortunately there is no opt out!
Some key points:
The Census covers full members of the Association, Executive Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer). Occasional Helpers need only be included as members if …

18 Jan 2013

At last, we have a new web site that we can build upon and make really useful. If you have any ideas or suggestions please forward them to me and I will implement them. Already the District Diary is available on line. At the bottom the page is an events section. Make sure all your events are in the diary.