Nights Away

Nights Away – Information & Resources for taking young people away

Nights Away are a very important part of Scouting. Scouting takes the planning of Nights Away very seriously and the Nights Away forms are designed to help the leaders abide by the ‘rules and regulations’ without an undue amount of red tape.

Anyone with a Nights Away Permit may take young people away but they are required to notify the Nights Away Adviser/DC by completing and returning a NAN form before they go. This is not a request for permission but a notification of where they are going and an outline of the event.

These are the files that are used locally (within the District). If you intend to adapt or use this scheme outside the Uxbridge Scout District you must check that they suitable with your local DC or ADC.

Our Nights Away Advisers are Mike Day and Steve Leighs.

For further information contact:

Nights Away Forms

A Nights Away Notification (Form NAN) must be with the DC at least 7 days before the planned event.
formnan (word format)

Nights Away Permit Scheme Fact Sheet


Risk Assessments

Example Risk Assessment