Badge Shop

Supply of Scouting Badges

Due to declining use of the badge shop facility at Paccar, we have reviewed the arrangements for the District.

  • County / District badges continue to be available via Paccar.
  • For all other badges there are now alternatives;

Greenford District Scout Shop

For those wishing to deal on a “face to face” basis locally, the Greenford District Scout Shop is available. The shop is located at the Greenford District HQ in Hill Rise Greenford and it is open every Monday evening between 7pm and 9pm for both badges and uniform.

For more details about the Greenford Shop, please visit their web site

Order online from Glasgow Scout Shop

For those who are happy to order online, a facility is provided by the Glasgow Scout Shop. Badges are sent direct by post (subject to a handling fee). It should be noted that when ordering you will be asked for your Scout membership number. Payment is via a debit or credit card. It is suggested that leaders ensure that their respective Group Treasurer is happy to reimburse them for orders placed this way.

Click to Visit Glasgow Badge Shop Now